These are the best tools you will ever use. Like you, I have nailed rock in cold weather with fingers that could hardly move. Iíve had buckets of hot mud set before I could finish and Iíve cleaned those same buckets with a hammer. Also like you, Iíve textured walls using a hopper when the gun was spitting little goobers off the tip.

These tools are designed for you and the way you work. Weíve used them, changed them and improved them over several variations.

They are perfect and will show your customer that you have an eye for quality and pride in your product. But more importantly, they will increase your production and make you money!

Try any of our tools, each is an entirely new way of working. Theyíre easier to use, easier to clean and very durable. Iím sure you will be happy with them.

Send me an email and let me know how you like them. Iím very interested to hear your opinion.

Rick Hardman

About HSI

The life blood of HSI is its commitment to continual improvement in tool development and superior product dependability. Constantly improving customer service procedures and the implementation of continually streamlined processes will ensure low costs and strong customer relationships.