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Come back to this page often. As a free service HSI will be providing downloadable white papers, product brochures as well as marketing and other customer focused templates you can customize to promote your own business and increase your sales.

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IS-4110 Fiberglass Taper Datasheet
Datasheet includes comparitive time savings over other applicators, benefits and important ordering information

NE-516 Cyclone Mixing Paddle Datasheet
Includes various specifications regarding mixing and cleaning times, cleaning technique and recommended blade configurations for use with differing drill rpm.

IS-4008 Corner Slider Datasheet
Datasheet provides information on application and technology characteristics.

FAX BACK Request For More Information
A Fax form providing you with another option for requesting additional information. This can be helpful if you need HSI to contact a manager or department supervisor and they want to ask specific questions first.

Advertising Graphic for Remodel or Repair Work.
Convey humor while at the same time instilling a sense of urgency to help you convince the property owner to sign your contract and get the job started. Contact Connie on the contact page to have a .jpg or .pdf file emailed to you.

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