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Fiberglass Taper

"This is the best tool I've ever seen!"

— Union Local President

"It did exactly what you said it would do..."

— Jon France / Tigard Oregon


Just to set the record straight I think regarding the paddles, I perhaps was the biggest thorn in Ricks side, there was no telling me what a great paddle it would be he even offered to send me one then I did not even have the decency to reply back because of my pride. Finally Rick offered it once again and I accepted and I was glad I did. At first I wasn't too sure of it but gave it a try then let it sit for a few days still did not want to let my pride get in the way of accepting his concept that perhaps it was a great idea. I since then have picked it up and it has been put to use every day since that day I have retired the old paddles which have served me well. New and improved may not always be the greatest but in this case it was , it is a great mixing paddle something so simple but worked great. I thank Rick for putting up with my arrogant posts about his paddle. I tip my hat to Rick.

— Silver aka the rock doctor

"Once you realize it's mixing power and adjust, It's the best thing for mixing on the market today."

Peck Drywall and Painting